Wednesday, November 25, 2009

October & November!

Fukuoka Temple...our home!

My sweet husband in the temple courtyard.

An afternoon walk...

We had a picnic in the dark, on the temple parking lot, to celebrate the full moon.

Elders practicing their dance for the ward talent show.

The drum celebrate fall.

Sister Nakamoto and her mom.

New Missionaries (beans)...arrived in October.

The AP's had a minor accident in our mission van.

President Margetts giving Elder Stevenson a scolding...

The Shimada's leaving for home.

Sherm found these awesome slippers in the mission office.

Elder and Sister Savage, our newest couple called to the Okinawa area.

Zone counsel meeting. My handsome boys!

Sister Okumura

Pictures from Sasebo, where we were able to go grocery shopping on their military base.

The Poulton's


My new bed-spread.

Pictures from our mission tour with Elder and Sister Stevenson...

Look what I very own Japanese car!!

Look how tiny it is compared to the mission van.

Saying goodbye to the Poulton's

Elder Stevenson striking a pose for GQ!

Dropping the Poulton's off at the train station.

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Becky said...

I love the pictures!!! I could just feel the special feeling you had when they were giving you the roses, just by looking at the picture of your face! I love you and they are lucky elders to have you guys!!!