Friday, October 2, 2009

Bring on September!

Family Home Evening

District Meeting

The new batch of missionaries (beans)...arrived September 1st

Missionaries returning home

Sister Endo, she may be small, but she's a 'powerhouse'!

Elder K

Saying goodbye

Sometimes he can't keep his eyes open, falls asleep wherever he's at!

Nagasaki Zone Conference

The Poulton's (our office missionaries)...we snuck away for a picnic lunch at the beach!

Sherm even has a 'not white' shirt on...can you believe it?

This beautiful beach is just a bit south of Fukuoka!

Kagoshima Zone Conference

Decorations at the airport

Okinawa Zone Conference

The Elders taking pictures of each other.

Okinawa Shimai's

Okinawa Choro's

We took this picture because Sherm told the missionaries this is what I look like when I'm angry!