Monday, February 15, 2010

Some of December, All of January, a Bit of February...

Celebrated Elder Nye's birthday at Hard Rock...American food NEVER tasted so good! They could have turned the music up even louder, we wouldn't have cared...that food was the best!!

The office Elders.

Kumamoto Zone Conference.

Kagoshima Zone Conference.

The members always feed us after Stake Conference.

Sister Savage and I

Elder Sugihara taking pictures of himself.

Okinawa Zone Conference.

Went bowling with the office Elders. Notice my awesome shoes...and knee hi's!

Elder Richardson & Elder Stevenson

The 4 office Elders.

Bowling Mascots!

Is a mission President supposed to do this??

Office Elders on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day Baptism's.

These little origami Santa's led me to my Christmas present in Sherm's office. The AP's are so good to us.

The Elders made this Christmas card for us.

Christmas dinner at the mission home.

Party with Stake leaders.

Christmas cards.

Working away...

New Missionaries

Sister Ohmori and her mother.

Heading home.
Sister Ohmori, me, Sherm, Elder Nishimura, Elder Yamashita, Elder VanDam

Elder Yamashita.

Elder Yamashita and his family, who came to get him.

Elder VanDam

Being missionaries, and passing out fliers for English our favorite Friday night date spot, McDonald's.

Every gas station is 'full service', they even stop traffic for you as you leave the station.

Zone counsel meeting

Fukuoka Zone Conference.

Sherm's barber.

Okinawa Zone Conference.

Kagoshima volcano.

The Japanese hang everything to dry...most do not have dryers.

Mission Conference with Elder and Sister Oaks & Elder and Sister Yamashita.
Nagasaki Zone.

Fukuoka Zone

Kumamoto Zone

Kagoshima Zone

Elder & Sister Oaks with us.

with the AP's

with the Miyashita's (the Fukuoka Temple President)

with the Area Authority, the Yamashita's

Valentine's Day. The Elder's filled my car with balloons that they had written on. They left in the car a movie for me, and a tie and cuff links for Sherm, with Valentine cards. They also bought me a 'Fukuoka Hawks' jersey, and wrote with a sharpe on the back.

The office Elder's.

Pulling faces at them so we could get them in the picture with the back of my jersey.

Hope all is well with everyone at home, we love and miss you all. The time is starting to fly by...I can't believe we've been here 7 1/2 months.