Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Adventures!

Hello and miss you, life is crazy here, but I've taken the time to snap a few good pictures. Kristin asked me to take some pictures of our home, so you can see where and how we live.

Our master bathroom.

This is our toilet, please notice the boudoir. We are putting one in every bathroom in our house when we get home! We love it! Also in the bathroom the lights are motion censored, no switches on the wall. This is very nice, except when you are on the toilet for a 'short while', and reading a magazine...the lights turn off, and we have to wave our arms in the air to get them on again. It's quite a site!!

Master closet.

Master Bedroom.

Our wrap-around hallway. All the lights in this hall and the bathrooms are motion censored.

We have 3 bedrooms on one side of the house, all for the missionaries who are coming and going.

My pantry! What the heck should I do with all this food?

My washing machine.

General Authorities Bedroom.

The missionaries are always wanting to use this bathroom....who can blame them?

Where the missionaries park their bikes...the hallway on the left is to the mission office. I am standing at our front door taking the picture.

Entryway to our parking garage.

A cool butterfly on the door.


Our home office. The door you see is to our bedroom, and there is a door behind where I am standing to take the picture, that leads to the living room/entryway.

Another missionary room....4 sets of bunk beds.

Their bathroom....with 2 showers and 2 toilets.

Zone conference at Kumamoto.

This is why the Japanese are so skinny. These are donuts I bought at 7-11 (which by the way, are everywhere). Notice how small....I placed a quarter to show the size.

Zone conference at Kagoshima. (Also Sherm and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary this day)

Zone conference in Okinawa.

Sherm and I riding the monorail in Okinawa. I closed my eyes and dreamed of being on the Disneyland monorail....but I wasn't!

On August 15th - 18th we attended a Mission President's Seminar for the Asian countries in Seoul, Korea.

The Imperial Palace.

The Korea Temple.

President Stevenson and his wife (He is the Area President)

President and Sister Traveller

The Ouyagi's.

President and Sister Tadeoka. Sherm and I went to high school with him.

Sherm, President Burton, and Reid. Sherm and I also went to school with President Burton. Can you believe 3 Bingham High graduates all reunited in Korea.

This sweet sister's brother is serving in Fukuoka, Elder Yamashita.

Our new mission couple arrival. Elder and Sister Lowe, from Washington.

We just finished a temple session with Elder Farnsworth and his family and friends. He then left for home.

These 2 girls, the Peterson's, stayed with us at the mission home.

Ying and Yang Vases I bought in Korea. And of course you'll notice the most beautiful things on the grandchildren!

Sherm preparing to ride a bike to the Fukuoka church. The van was being used by missionaries, and he had interviews to get to. He made it to the church fine (downhill), but on the way home he had to walk the bike (uphill).

We were asked to judge an English speaking contest that BYU Hawaii sponsered in Isahaya.

The squatter toilets. These are toilets at rest-stops for women, I refuse to use them! I will hold it before I will hold my skirt and squat!

Thank you again for your love, support, prayers, and emails. We love and miss you all!