Saturday, February 21, 2009

Celebration Dinner

After receiving our mission call.....we decided to celebrate with our kids, Japanese style! We enjoyed a Tepanyaki meal, hope they have places like this in Fukuoka!


Kara said...

Nice job mom!! I'm proud of you! It will be fun to see all the posts you do during the next three years! I love you!!

Becky said...

I wish I could of been there with you!! ha ha

Kristin said...

dear grandma i think you did great.
I hope you do more in Japan.
Love Paige

Cindy said...

We'll treasure the time we got to spend with you at the airport! We (The Whitehouses' and Wilsons') didn't know what to expect but got a huge surprise when we were able to be with you for about a half hour! I'll look forward to updates on your blog. Love ya